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Our Hound Of The Month For March Is....


This Month We Are Honoring The Life Of This Special Little Guy Named Jake.

From Joel Jake's Dad:

I got Jake when I lived in France. He came from a very loving breeder in the Loire Valley. She cared for her Yorkies like they were her children and she and I are still in touch. When I left her home with Jake, her son was very sad that he was going and I even felt guilty because he was so loved. He was a beautiful dog but was rather scared of most things, so he was not ideal in the dog show world where he started out. It was perfect for me because he was a great friend and companion. Jake went everywhere with me in Paris and if I had to go any place where dogs were not allowed, I’ld scoop him up and put him in a bag. He was happy just to be with someone.

He loved to chase squirrels in the backyard and would run so fast that his back side would flip over his front when he stopped quick. He had loved chasing a stuffed squirrel that squeaked and could do this for hours and hours. He would sit in front of me and shake in anticipation waiting for the toy to thrown.

Jake was a sweetheart and always a true lapdog. He was well traveled and used to fly under the seat in front of me in a travel bag when I flew the long flight from Paris to San Francisco several times a year and he even had a canine EU Passport so he could travel in and out of the UK without quarantine. Jake was by my side for 14 years and I’m really grateful to have had such a sweet dog.

When I had my children, Jake became the family dog and was patient with two young kids. When my children’s baby sitter found out Jake passed away, she called me upset and said it was like losing a person.

I’m thankful to Kristen and her team for the love and care they gave Jake. Thank you to Dominique for taking such good care of him when he stayed with you and for getting him to the vet when he needed to go. Thank you Hound Bound NYC.

Jake passed away on March 23, 2024 peacefully and surrounded by his family. He was a little dog that left a big impression on anyone he met. He loved being carried around and was happiest being right by your side. He will be missed. Rest in puppy paradise Jakey Boy! - Kristin

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1 Comment

Meg Maher
Meg Maher
Apr 28

What a beautiful tribute! Sending so much love to Jake’s family ❤️

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