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Our Policies



All correspondence with your pet’s caretaker must be done through the Time To Pet chat.  This is to ensure that you, your pet’s caregiver, and the team leader are always in the know. 

At Hound Bound NYC we are a team which means that we do not work independently. Our caretakers are not able to give any services outside of the company. They also do not have the ability to schedule services. All inquiries and service requests must be made through the Time To Pet portal.

Safety First!

Meet & Greets are mandatory. We have to assess your dogs temperament and needs to make sure that we're a good fit.


All dogs must have collars with tags (ID) on them.

Tracking devices are highly recommended for extra safety and should be put on dogs collar (Not Harness!) 

If your dog is sick or behaving in an unusual way prior to their visit, notify us immediately. 

Scheduling and Cancellations

Same day bookings are excepted however it is always best to book in advance.

You may cancel at anytime. There is a fee of 20% of visit pricing for cancellations 3 hours or less from start time.


If You Have Any Questions Please Message

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