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Our Story

Bound, as defined by the Oxford English Dictionary, is "to walk or run with leaping strides" or as "a leaping movement upward". To Kristin, founder of Hound Bound NYC, this word stands for what drives our mission to be the leading pet care provider in New York City. Our mission at Hound Bound NYC is to provide a progressive new outlook on pet care. We hope to create a foundation of trustworthiness, dependability and peace of mind for our clients. As fellow pet parents, we understand the value and importance of pets. They bring us indescribable joy, unconditional love and support. You can always count on them to be there for you. We are here to return the favor. 


Kristin has been passionate about animals since she was a small child. Her favorite channel on T.V was Animal Planet. She would spend hours every day absorbing all she could from the station. Anything from "The Crocodile Hunter" to "Emergency Vets", you name it she's probably watched it. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY there weren't too many animals around so she would get lost in the safaris, jungles and rainforests that she'd see on T.V. Anytime she saw a dog outside she had to stop and say hello. It drove her parents crazy! She would draw pictures and write short stories about animals as well. She begged and pleading for a dog until finally her family gave in. When she turned Eleven years old she got her very first fur baby, a Shih Tzu named Sandy. Soon after that she got her first job walking her neighbor's dog, a Dalmatian/Pitbull mix named Nika.


Kristin knew at a young age that when she grew up, she would work with animals. She went to college aspiring to become a veterinarian. While she enjoyed learning the curriculum she realized that she would be happier being more hands on with pets as a caregiver. She began dog walking and sitting in her neighborhood around 2014. She developed a unique skill set that one can only aquire from working in the field, directly with pets. She started working in retail but continued to care for pets in her free time. In 2016 she joined the Armed Forces where she was trained as a 25U (Signal Support Systems Specialist). She gained many useful lessons and skills during her time in the military and is proud of her service.


After New York was hit by the 2020 Covid pandemic there was surge in pet adoption and ownership. Many people were having trouble finding and keeping quality caregivers for their beloved pets. Kristin saw a the need in her community and decided to take action. She listened to what her fellow pet parents were saying and decided that she was going to create a space where people could build lasting relationships with a dedicated team of animal lovers and professionals. People that know what their doing and love doing it! She spend months planning what that would look like with the help of her husband Gerard. And in March of 2022 Hound Bound Nyc was born. 

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