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Updated: Jan 30

This Month We Are Celebrating Scooter!

Scooter was born on a farm in New Jersey and has lived in 3 different states before he moved to Brooklyn. He goes by many names including Scout, Scoot, Scoo Scoo and Scott (his human name). His favorite things are sticks, frisbees and tennis balls. His favorite places are the park, Krissy's apartment, the pet store on Nostrand, and the Rite Aid on Bedford Ave (no idea why). He’s a border collie with tons of energy and he is super smart! He loves going on long walks with his mom on eastern parkway, playing fetch at the playground, and going to the dog park! He LOVES little dogs and will cry and howl until he gets to say hello! He’s also a very talented singer, and loves howling at fire trucks and ambulances (he even howls at them in his sleep!)  

Good Boy Scoot 🐾😊

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