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Updated: Feb 23

Greta Gerwig came to the Smiths as a foster from Hearts & Bones. The minute they picked her up, they knew they were going to keep her. She is a 4-year-old gentle giant. Part Anatolian Shepherd and part Great Pyrenees. She has lots of fur and is deeply invested in keeping track of her family at all times. She would very much like to catch a squirrel or bird, if anyone knows how to arrange that. But she is scared of the feral cats who visit the family's backyard. She loves blueberries and any other food you are willing to share. When she wants something, usually whatever you are eating, she sounds just like Chewbacca. And we let her on the furniture because she is the best at snuggling. Greta is a super, sweet, mellow and gentle pup that has found her way into the hearts of anyone she touches, especially the Hound Bound Team.


A large dog on the beach
A large dog with a little girl

A large dog with family
Greta With Her Family

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