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At Hound Bound we pride ourselves on providing the best possible experience for you and your pet. We believe in forming strong lasting bonds with our pet friends and make it our business to send them home fulfilled and happy. Here's a scope of some of the services that we offer. 

Dog Walking

We offer a variety of walk types, times and lengths designed to provide a

customizable experience based on your pet's specific needs. We put a strong emphasis on the physical wellness and socialization of pets in our care. You have a choice of solo walks for the more independent pets and pack walks of up to three dogs at a time. Our walk lengths range from 20 minute potty breaks to 2 hour long outings. They include trips to the nearest parks and dog runs. Our walks are GPS tracked through our comprehensive app ensuring an enhanced monitoring experience and peace of mind for you and your family.


Pet Sitting

Most of us here at Hound Bound are pet parents ourselves. We understand that pets are family.  Our pet care providers are back-ground checked, first aid certified and thoroughly trained. We are equipped with the necessary knowledge, safety guidelines and protocols to ensure a happy, healthy and safe stay for your pets. We provide overnight boarding and daycare service out of our homes ensuring much more TLC for your fur baby  than you'd find in a large facility.



When home is where the heart is why leave? Some pets do better at their home base. We are happy to cater to that. Your pet's happiness and peace is what is most important to us. We will also take care of the home while you are away with light house cleaning, bringing in mail/packages, watering plants etc. Just let us know what is needed and if applicable, we will be happy to accommodate you. 


Check-In Visits

Life can get pretty busy. Long hours at work, children and commitments can have an affect on your pets.  That's where we come in! A check-in is great for ensuring that your pet is getting enough interaction and care while you are away.

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